The Indomitables

A Story About The Wonders of Life

Taking the baccalaureate at 40? An impossible mission, if it is to take into consideration the opinion of the population of a village in Bordeaux. But the 40 year old Michel thinks differently about this. He does not want to be influenced by these negative opinions and jumps into the adventure of his life.

Since he has been avoiding sitting the exam for several years, his sudden unemployment has made him realize that he has to act. There are no job opportunities for him if he does not succeed with the baccalaureate exam. Michel is not scared off by the fact that he is already old and that has lots of professional experience but no baccalaureate.

Michel takes his friend Gerard with him. Gerard is also unemployed, but he does not want to change anything. Still, he agrees to support his friend in his endeavours. Michel does not give up; he knows he has no other choice in case he wants to have a job again. He also ignores the lack of help from the neighbours and has to find out early that he is left alone with his issues.

While Michel is learning hard for the baccalaureate, he can see that his son is a reflection of himself in the earlier years- the same indifference towards this important phase of life. This movie shows the ups and downs of life and the different aims people want to achieve. For some persons, a second chance in life can make wonders, just like in the case of Michel.

This story, although a comedy, is a good opportunity to think about life’s opportunities. Even difficult situations can be mastered if a chance appears and it is recognized on time.

Michel – Jacques Gamblin
Philippe – Edouard Collin
Gérard Mathieu – Kad Merad
Edmond – Rufus
Claire Deschamps – Anne Brochet
Jane – Hélène Vincent
Laurence – Valérie Kaprisky
Lucie – Stéphanie Laurence